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What does a Abroad Career Road Map Plan Include?

Sharing Important contacts which can be helpful for you!

Assigning a "Saarthi", a friend to give you a start in the new country

Guidance to give you clarity about selecting Universities/colleges.

Strategy to set your score goal for IELTS!

A complete assistance for Visa Application process

Why this plan for free?

Ever thought of pursuing your studies abroad? You would surely agree that the first thought about studying abroad leads to confusion, how to plan or which country to choose or which university would be the best to study and what not! 

During our journey of 20 years, we have come a-crossed thousands of students facing confusion on selecting country or university for studies and ultimately end up taking wrong decision which makes them regret over it for lifetime. With an aim to help students to avoid this confusion and to make them take decisions confidently, our founder Mrs Krishna Gor pledged this special "Abroad Study Road Map Plan" for free as a part of Saarthi's CSR initiative. 

How this free entry pass will benefit you?

For all your confusion and questions regarding abroad studies, this is the answer! Claiming this free pass will make you eligible for our special call session, where our executive will give you complete guidance over all the aspects involved from deciding to study abroad till your flight for success! 

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What our students say?

As soon as I cleared my 2nd Year in the college, I decided to pursue my post graduation  abroad. Keeping this goal in my mind i started researching about universities and countries but it ended up creating a lot of confusion. On researching further I found "Saarthi's Abroad Career Road Map Plan" session for end to end guidance for all the procedures. It helped me take my decisions confidently! 

- Meet Sharma

What can a decision with incomplete information can lead to ? well,i have faced the consequences, With my thought of studying abroad primarily I did not get complete information about which university or which country to choose for my further studies, I ended up taking a wrong decision! I thank Saarthi Visa consultancy for providing the Abroad Career Road Map plan which helped me in getting all the information about IELTS and the ideal university for my course!

- Harsh Thakkar